Monday, February 28, 2011

decaf. - We’re The Opening Band (Pt.1): Live at Senior Bar - 12/08/1994

This is the first of 3 live EP releases that we will be putting out over the next few weeks. We’re The Opening Band showcases decaf. in 3 locations around Notre Dame: Senior Bar, The Box (our house), and Dalloway’s Coffee House at St. Mary’s. Each show had its own shining moments, tomfoolery, and unapologetic covers of some of the most sacred cows of hardcore songs... but c’mon, this was Notre Dame. It's not like we were covering Minor Threat at the 9:30 Club, so get over it.

We’re The Opening Band (Pt.1): Live at Senior Bar - 12.08.94... that’s right, Senior Bar. There is a story behind this – my good friend, Molly, was bartending there and was put in charge of booking bands. She asked me if decaf. could play for 2 hours we would get... (are you ready?)... PAID. Unfortunately, all the songs we wrote or covered poorly clocked in at about 48 minutes, so we enlisted our friends Sweep The Leg Johnny to share the bill with us – we did this about 3 or 4 times over the course of the year. The entire show went pretty damn well for 2 bands that had never played in a place like Senior Bar and it was because of this very night that they started “Alternative Night” (*gasp*) - paving the way for our other friends bands to play there as well instead of just cover bands or jam bands.

This show was special because it captures the only time we ever played our homage to our friend, Marco, and his love for Hair Metal – “Marco’s Package”. Ted Hennessy called this medley “pure genius”... so here it is... the first of 3 short “live” releases to exhaust the decaf. vault forever. We hope you enjoy.



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