Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chisel vs. Brian, Colin and Vince - Spectacles/One in Ten 7"

Chisel and Brian, Colin and Vince... two acts you know and love. This split 7" finds them paying each other homage by covering one of the other's classic tunes.

First up, we've got Chisel turning out an amped up version of BCV's charmer, "Spectacles," which was originally featured on their Just Trying to Help cassette. Technically, though, this tune should be entitled "Spectacles/Pillow," as the final chorus romp is borrowed from another BCV song ("Pillow," duh) found on the Bucket O' Fun N' Stuff N' Yeah CD. Regardless, this is a power ballad of massive proportions--well, for Chisel anyway. You have to grin a little at the almost over-the-top treatment Ted Leo and the boys applied here. A punk rock kid once told me he thought this was the worst Chisel song he ever heard. But I think if that same fellow listened to it now, years later, he'd have a greater appreciation for what was going on with this recording. It's a fun, rocked out jam, and knowing Chisel-- you just gotta love it.

Aside from it's debut on this piece of wax, Chisel's "Spectacles" was also played over the closing credits of the Songs for Cassavetes documentary.

The flip side has Brian, Colin and Vince toning down "One in Ten," which can be found on Chisel's Nothing New album. This folked out rendition takes the original rocker and smooths it out with BCV's patented three-part harmonies and fine acoustic instrumentation. Put it on and sail away...

And just for grins, check out this unearthed, less-than-enthusiastic review from the high & mighty punkers at HeartattaCk, issue #6:
Arghh, why me! Why did I choose to review this. Since I chose to, I will choose to not have my ears hear it. The Brian, Colin and Vince side was 2 acoustic songs that were so boring. Just stop now. The Chisel side was pleasant after listening to BC&V. The packaging wasn't half bad. If college rock is for you, then give it a try. RR
This record was recorded in May of 1993 by the infamous John Nuner at the Miami Street Studio down in the Bend. It was released on the Sudden Shame label as SS005.

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Scorecard insert from the 7"


doug said...

I'm honestly not sure I've ever listened to the BCV side of this record. I suppose I can remedy that now.

As far as I know, the first time Chisel played "Spectacles" was when they opened at the final BCV show. That time, it was a medley of Spectacles, Crunchy Lunch, and some other song whose name I don't know. One of these days I'll digitize the tape I have from that night and post it here.

Just the mention of Chisel doing "Spectacles" is enough to leave that song stuck in my head for the rest of the night.

John said...

Oh man, I had a horrible time recording that song. Terrible hangover in a very weird studio. Dudes, I have some other South Bend tape gems for you, just ask.

doug said...

Hey John, what's happening?

Tape gems? Do tell! Water? Oatmeal?

I'm aboyandhis AT gmail DOT com.

Mike L. said...

Good lord this is great.