Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Go-Lightly's - Metallica Party Live

The Go-Lightly's were a rompin' saucy rock-n-roll party machine! The band consisted of Kristi R. on bass and vocals, Zoe M. on keyboard and backing vocals, and Andy Yang (of Obstruction fame) on drums. Let's check out what a couple of 'em had to say about the history of the band:
"Originally, The Go-Lightly's were Kristi, Chris O. and Andy. Chris found out that I played the piano, then asked me to join. In fact, it was his electronic keyboard I used for the duration of the band. Our first practice (in Ron, Andy, and Travis' basement, aka The Hive) was, I think, also the last practice Chris partook in before leaving the band. Let's call it... over 'artistic differences' and leave it at that. Kristi was sort of the main song writer and band leader, and sang vocals with me backing her up. The band was sort of the illegitimate offspring of Leslie Gore and Heavens To Betsy. (You know, the offspring that goes off to state college and nurtures an ever-growing beer gut while trying to decipher The Doors keyboard solos). Complete with out-of-tune singing, no guitar, Kristi on bass, Andy on drums, and me on a cheap electronic keyboard.

Yes--the Metallica Party. I remember we all wore metal. Literally, I had on a tin foil skirt. I also remember our first (and last) show in a bar--remember that swanky bar that was just up Hill Street from the Red Star House? It had the shag carpeting and private vinyl booths? Super 70s swank? Well it was transformed into a Domer haven, and somehow we scored a show there opening for The Butterfly Effect.

We did a few covers: 'Dumb Head' (Ginny Arnell), 'Axeman' (H2B), a couple more... we also played 'Time of the Season' by The Zombies, and oh my was the keyboard solo ever challenging to figure out. But I did it, damn it! Our own song, 'Do It Right,' however, was probably our signature tune. It's the one that made them all scream for more, except we didn't have any more since we usually saved that one for last." -- Zoe M.


"I remember how we would come together to write songs in The Hive basement. The girls had worked on some things and when we all came together, it would just be a jam session at first. They would lay down some melody and lyrics and I just kinda made up drum beats to go with the stuff. I can't even remember how many songs we had, I think only 6-8 songs. But the most memorable for me was 'Ash Rash,' which Kristi wrote after my smart move of putting actual ash from The Hive basement fireplace (there was one on the opposite end of the drum kit) on my face under my eye as 'makeup' for my halloween costume that year. I think it was a last minute thrown together costume of a beat up boxer, that I just threw that shit on my face. I would have been better off with a damn sharpie because the next day, my left eye had developed a peculiar rash where the ash had been and stayed there for a week or so. That was one of many dumb moves, but it gave way to the song... 'Ash Rash!'

I think we only played a few shows, the biggest one being at a bar that I can't remember the name of. Of course, we played at The Hive a couple of times. I mainly remember how fun it was to mix it up with those cool girls and how different and unique our sound was. It was a nice, refreshing change of pace from the other sounds on campus." -- Andy Yang

Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to see The Go-Lightly's perform, having moved away shortly before they got together as a group. But when Zoe gave me a copy of this live party recording a couple years later, it was like I could've just as easily been right there when it all went down. Listening to the cassette, everything felt so familiar. Perhaps because basement shows in The Bend for the most part all shared some common yet distinct, intangible qualities. As someone once wrote, "Just imagine 20 or so friends, an unimpressed out of town band or two, a pony keg, shoes, beer, and friendly insults flying..." --that's a pretty clear picture, and this show was no different. I'm glad this is the first live recording we are featuring here on our little blog, because it really captures the feeling (for better or worse) of so many of the dozens upon dozens of basement shows that were put on back then. It's nice to be able to re-live that a little, even if it's only for the 26-minute duration of The Go-Lightly's rockin' good set.

That said, there are some really enjoyable moments on the Metallica Party Live recording. Lots of laughs, plenty of "ALL-RIGHTs!!!" a-hollered (see the fellow to the left), fuck ups, false starts, and a brilliantly timed call-and-response "GO!"... "LIGHTLY!" intro from the crowd to get the whole thing started off with a bang. Zoe's keyboard solo in "Time of the Season" is truly off the chain. And "Do It Right" lives up to it's billing as the quintessential Go-Lightly's smash hit.

If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say this was probably recorded by Hardcore Ron, with something a little fancier than a mic hanging from the rafters of the basement ceiling. The cassette never had any official release, but rather was just one of those things that you dubbed yourself and passed out to your friends (I got mine as filler, if you can imagine, on the other side of a taped copy of a Neutral Milk Hotel record!). The Go-Lightly's did at one point record in Ron's studio, but it was one of those "let's hurry up and put something to tape before everyone leaves town" kinda deals, was never mixed or released, and promptly faded from the memories of the parties involved. Who knows, maybe y'all will get lucky and it will resurface and see light on this blog one of these days. Until then...


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Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that bar would be Jazzman's. I believe it was a pimp hangout on Fridays and a venue on Saturdays. Loved Fridays...

doug said...

That is Jazzman's. I think they changed their name at some point, but I don't know what the other name was.

There are pictures floating around of The Butterfly Effect at Jazzman's as well. That place had many mirrors.

Chris said...

a few thoughts on this band-

first off, i honestly forgot i was ever in it until i read this. I wish i knew what "creative differences" meant but i could guess! what ever happened to that electric piano? i think it was my sister's. funny! It is nice to see a picture of Zoe, even if I look like Pat Boone next to her

the 'metallica' show was also the night Joe Canon and Vinnie and I played as VOICE OF MAN WHO TOOK WHEELCHAIR. There is a recording of that too I have somewhere. I seem to remember there being a lot of drama that night, but not why. My doing, no doubt.

I have a bunch of pics from that show at jazzmans. i remember it very well and to this day sometimes i have dreams that take place in that bar, even though that was probably one of the only times I ever went there.

Vinny said...

I played so many shows at Jazzman's. I played there most often w/ a rhythm n' blues band, and there were many nights that I was the ONLY caucasian in the club. Good Times. If Zoe ever reads this, I'd like to apologize to you, albeit 10 years later, for being a jerk.

Ryan D. said...

How could you guys forget about Jazzman's? It had the most amazing decor of any bar I have ever been to in my life.