Thursday, July 9, 2009

decaf - P.R.A./Nervous Fingerfood EP

There were 2 songs that never made it onto decaf's Self-Titled Cassette EP when we recorded at Miami Street Studios. I believe these songs did not make the cut because of the mistakes made in our "one take" guerrilla style of recording. Ironically, these were 2 of the most liked songs we played... just ask Alisha.

"P.R.A." - This was the very first song that Mike and I wrote while studying architecture in Rome. This is the song that started the "you whistle & I'll play guitar" style of writing that we endorsed while living there - mostly because we could not afford 2 guitars. For some reason I think I was heavily influenced by Screeching Weasel at this time. When we brought this song back to the states and played it for Rob, he immediately came up with the tongue-in-cheek title of "punk rock anthem." Mike and I traded guitar and bass duties for this one.

"Nervous Fingerfood" - This is one of the songs that Mike wrote while we were living in The Box. Mike asked Ricardo to name the song and he blurted out "Nervous Fingerfood" - don't even try to look for a reason... because there is none.

Thanks for listening again - we'll be posting some live decaf material soon. I actually stumbled upon another show we recorded at Dalloway's that I never knew I had - some good stuff coming up. Oh, and thanks to Julie for the cover photography again!



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Alisha said...

Back in Spring, 1995, I was already graduated from ND, working at Club at night and the North Dining Hall in the day. I had lots of... free time.
And as a band groupie for all my friends, I loved coming hang out at decaf. practice. It was a very "behind the music" experience.
I will never forget the first time that Guze played the guitar sequence of "PRA" for Rob, making up lyrics as he went.
One of them was "And Alisha is sitting there, in her red sweat-er-er-er...."
(vs. the first line of the second stanza "never could forgive, all the things you said")
I loved that song then, and when Guze emailed the mp3 to me earlier this year, I was dancing in my kitchen, and jumping on my couch.
And every time it comes up on my iPod, it makes me... happy.
Really, it's in my top 25 songs of all time.

Anonymous said...

On a tip from Alisha, this former Terrace groupie is also dancing around the house to P.R.A. Luckily there are no guitars to get my hair stuck in now…on second thought, that actually happened to my housemate Liz, not me.

Thanks for sharing,