Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Comeuppance - Live at the Pre-Nuptial Bash

Our first show was at Bronwyn and Ted’s engagement party at St. Peter Street. We dressed in our finest and nervously took our places on stage. Justin Mitchell graciously let me use his amp and set it up for me. We played four songs, which went by in a blur but for a moment in “Madeleine” when I had to hit the distortion pedal: the worry of finding the right pedal in the dark, stabbing at it with my toe and half-missing, then relief at hearing the piercing sound – and astonishment and thrill that I was actually playing guitar onstage in a band and not falling to utter pieces.

--Allison Rigo


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James Kennedy said...

At the end of "Freak Cathode Accident," while the band is chanting "Your Aerostar is a murderer," for some reason Joe Cannon is singing "Ride That Sexy Horse" by Shudder to Think. It was, I have always believed, a moment.

Chris N. said...

James, remember how you used to keep tchotchkes on that shelf in your hair? Good times.