Monday, August 16, 2010

Bother - Boredom

"Kids... don't take your action figures to school... "

Bother shows were a revelation. Tight, grinding, metal-infused punk rock backing a wild, jumping, flailing frontman screaming at the top of his lungs about Boba Fett and Sega Genesis. In this writer's opinion, easily one of the greatest, most unique offerings of the South Bend Power 90s scene - certainly one of the defining campus bands of the early 90s.
"Bother was the first band I was ever in. I believe Kelly originally wanted it to be an all-woman band -- if I remember correctly, Bother was supposed to be an acronym (B.O.The.R, for 'Bitches On The Rag') but as it happened, Kelly ended up with three dudes instead. At our first show, we covered Mudhoney's 'Touch Me I'm Sick' and Nothing Painted Blue's 'Swivel Chair.'

To tell the truth, I'm totally embarrassed at the way I scream these songs -- there's a good reason I've rarely sung in any other band I've been in. Kelly, Jason, and Jim deserved a better vocalist. They were great musicians! I'm grateful that they took me along for the ride.

I remember hearing 'Kill the Popular Kids' from the Incubus compilation blasting from an open window in Zahm and thinking, Wow, I've really arrived."

--James K.


James K. would go on to play in Comeuppance, Krautmiser, and Toot Hopkins; Jason L. and Kelly D. later formed Pinch Point; and Jim B. played drums in Sweep The Leg Johnny version 1.0. But they got their start here with Bother, pummling their fellow students into submission, dazzling the popular kids with style. "I know it's hard; I know, I've tried."


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theodore said...

so many things about this tape RULE. glad Bother finally made it on the blog.

James Kennedy said...

Gosh, thanks!