Thursday, April 17, 2014

Skalcoholiks - "look at all this junkfood..."

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Skalcoholiks were a ska/rock band comprised of 7 students from the University of Notre Dame which formed in 1996 and continued together until 1998.

The band concept originated when Noah Gray (drums), formerly of Tweak, approached Joe Cruz (bass), formerly of the Roadapples, with an idea to form a new band grounded in uptempo ska. The band added Notre Dame Marching Band members Tony Eltink (trombone), Dave Griffith (Trombone) and Paula Conolly (Sax). Tim Bowers (vocals) was also originally slotted as a trombonist. The final member to join was Mike Bechtel (guitar).

Over the course of their 2 years together, Skalcoholiks developed a very tight, percussive musical style. Lyrically, Bowers and Bechtel shared songwriting duty, both hewing primarily towards a humorous style (although the band occasionally switched tones with songs such as 1888 and Life.

Skalcoholiks recorded "look at all this junkfood..." in February 1998 at Gene Michael Productions in Niles, Michigan. They pressed 2000 CD’s which were bought by a receptive audience in Spring of 1998.


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