Wednesday, June 15, 2011

V/A - sfumato (1995)

sfumato was the third and final ND campus band CD compilation of the 90s. The first half of this disc is a great encapsulation of the strength of the mid-decade Power 90s scene. Hot tracks from bands that need no introduction to readers of this blog. Everyone sounds great here, as production quality was sharp. The packaging is also pretty cool, with a massive full-color foldout collage of band photos.

"sfumato: the achievement of smoothing or softening of contours creating imperceptible transitions between colors and surfaces: additionally imparting atmospheric effects"

The second half shifts direction some with acoustic and piano balladry, more conventional rock numbers, and jam bands. Long-running latin ensemble Sabor Latino also spice it up a bit with a hot salsa, and Q.E.D. close the CD nicely with a wicked prog-metal jam.

Track listing:
1. "Trophies and Cash" - Krautmiser
2. "Disquiet" - Sweep the Leg Johnny
3. "Bunny" - July
4. "REV" - Las Peligrosas
5. "King Permission" - emiLy
6. "Keeping Up With The Jones'" - decaf.
7. "Identifying Spiders Web" - Tacklebox
8. "Popsicle Crush" - The Roadapples
9. "Con Sabor" - Sabor Latino
10. "Next Time" - Michael G. McGlinn
11. "Hey Joe" - Emily Lord
12. "Fine With Me" - The Amateurs
13. "Lucky Number" - Little Milton
14. "Mellow" - The Big Earl Band
15. "Oddity of a Stranger" - George and the Freaks
16. "Terminal Space" - Q.E.D.


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doug said...

I remember we took pride in emiLy having the shortest and fastest song on the compilation. That's the same version of "King Permission" that was on the Tinkertoy 7-inch.

Pretty sure our band photo (5th from the right in the first row, almost dead center) was from the same Crawlspace show as the band pictures in the riverrun cd.

Geoff said...

Wow, this brings back memories (mostly good) A big thanks to whomever set up this site, and the people who made those music compilations possible. Those were great days for the ND music scene.

The thing I'll remember most was how great a guy John at Miami Street Studios was. Several of the bands, including mine (QED) kept him there well past midnight during their sessions. He was always very patient with us and in good spirits the whole time.

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance to get ahold of this CD? If anyone can help me out plesae contact me: sandpaper [at] gmx [dot] net -Greg