Saturday, April 4, 2020

Plane Zero - S/T

Mike Larmoyeux (seminally the man in 10 bands at the same time) is still in many bands at the same time. Plane Zero is one one them, and they released their debut self-titled album back in 2018. From their Bandcamp page:
Stop whatever you're doing and keep reading this, because you're about to witness the release of the least anticipated album of 2018: Plane Zero's eponymous debut: "Plane Zero" by Plane Zero (#PlaneZero)! It's the album that you had no idea you couldn't live without. Reviews from around the world are already pouring in:
"Plane Zero is the weirdest thing that Mike Larmoyeux has ever done. Musically." -Robert Dahl
"You have to stop futzing around take this seriously or we're never going to finish the final mix. These phase shifts aren't going to modulate themselves." -David Lampp
"I'm not going to give you a quote for your ridiculous fake review conceit. Stop asking." -Taylor Dahl
"This isn't any weirder than emiLy." -Mike Larmoyeux
And now you can hear what all the fuss is about... right now.
Check them out in the player below!

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