Thursday, June 20, 2013

Streganona - Applications For Aluminum Siding

Did you know that towards the end of their existence, Streganona recorded a full-length studio album? When the band broke up prior to it's release, though, it was filed away and mostly forgotten about. Fortunately, we have it here for you to enjoy, and it's pretty great. A maturation of their earlier recorded material, this is a post-hardcore gem that gets more rewarding with each listen, and could easily stand up pound-for-pound with some of the great releases of their contemporaries. I can't recommend this one enough.

A few notes on the album from former bassist Mark Miyake:
Our only album not recorded on my old Tascam 4-track. We got some nice open-ended funding to record it, and it was slated for some pretty wide distribution (we were touring fairly far and wide and frequently at that point), but we broke up between the mastering and package design phases of the project, so it was never released. We recorded it in an all analog format over about a week at the Amphetamine Reptile Studios in Minneapolis, and mastered it at Acme Studios in Chicago. It sounds great and does a good job of capturing what we were doing over the last year or so after we recorded "Plastic." 
The title was intended as an audio medium joke-- the previous album title was about plastic and was released on cassette and this one was going to be on CD, so we were going to go with an aluminum reference.

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