Monday, June 24, 2013

The Florida Evans Showband and Revue - "Good Times" Music Video

At some point during early 1999, some film major friends approached us about making a music video for "Good Times" as their final project for a film production class. Being the agreeable young men we are, we naturally said yes.

The concept is pretty straightforward -- still photographs edited together to make a comic book style story of a team of super(?)heroes taking down an evil mastermind and her henchpersons. Pretty sure my bits were shot in some production room in the upper levels of O'Shaughnessy Hall, while Matt and Dan shot most of their outdoor bits out on Lincolnway West. The party and live band shots were filmed in the basement of The Hive, also known as the house on Bulla Road where Ron and Matt lived.

Matt remembers being upset that he had to use a weird bass in the live shots and that the party was really fun. He also pointed out that we used stills from the video in the album artwork for our album Made Simple.

If I remember correctly, the "Good Times" video closed out the ND Student Film Festival that year. A number of people recognized me at Lula's the next day, which was fun. Florida Evans was in two student films that year -- the other one featured us playing at a house party during the crawfish boil, though the only thing I remember actually appearing in the final version was Matt biting the head off a crawfish.

Enjoy the video. It's fun, as befits the song. And keep an eye out for Ron throttling a stuffed rabbit.


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